The Entire Hitman Trilogy Now Available in One Package with World of Assassination

Goodbye, separate purchases – hello, streamlined gameplay with all three Hitman games in one place.

IO Interactive has announced that it will be rebranding Hitman 3 as “Hitman: World of Assassination” and streamlining the entire trilogy’s content into one game. The move means that Hitman 1 and 2 will no longer be available as solo purchases, with players who already own Hitman 3 receiving an upgrade to the new game for free.

The standard edition of World of Assassination will cost around $70 and includes the Game of the Year Access Pass from Hitman 1, the Standard Access Pass from Hitman 2, and the base game of Hitman 3. Players who already own some or all of this content will be able to purchase the remaining pieces individually. Those who have purchased Hitman 1 or 2 will still be able to access and play the games fully despite their removal from storefronts.

Additionally, a World of Assassination Deluxe Pack can be purchased for $30, which includes the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and the Expansion Access Pass from Hitman 2. This pack is available to those who do not already own all of this content, and those who own some of it can purchase the remaining pieces individually.

According to IO Interactive, these changes will have a “hugely positive effect” on both existing players and new players. The developer stated that it will make the content available to more players, while also simplifying the purchasing experience for new players.

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