The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Reveals New Concept Art for Upcoming 10th Anniversary

Experience the epic story and gameplay in a new multiplayer setting.

Naughty Dog, the developers behind the beloved game series The Last of Us, has released new concept art for the upcoming multiplayer game. In celebration of the franchise’s 10th anniversary, Naughty Dog has promised to share more information about the game later this year.

The concept art showcases an abandoned street with a rusted cruise ship, providing a glimpse into the immersive world players can expect in the multiplayer game. Despite being a multiplayer experience, Naughty Dog has assured fans that the game will still be filled with rich storytelling and memorable characters, a hallmark of the studio’s work.

In a blog post, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann stated, “With a team led by Vinit Agarwal, Joe Pettinati, and Anthony Newman, the project is shaping up to be a fresh, new experience from our studio, but one rooted in Naughty Dog’s passion for delivering incredible stories, characters, and gameplay.”

Druckmann also revealed that The Last of Us franchise has sold over 37 million copies worldwide as of December 2022. To commemorate the series’ 10th anniversary, there will be various “fun surprises” in store for fans throughout the year.

In addition to the multiplayer game, The Last of Us is also being adapted into a TV show airing on HBO on January 15th. Naughty Dog will provide behind-the-scenes content for both the original game and the Part 1 remake on PlayStation 5 as the show progresses.

The Last of Us has received critical acclaim for its captivating story and immersive gameplay, with IGN stating in its review, “A gorgeous and well-honed remake of one of the biggest boppers in the PlayStation pantheon, The Last of Us Part 1 is the best way to play – or replay – Naughty Dog’s esteemed survival classic.”

Fans of the series can look forward to experiencing the epic world of The Last of Us in a new multiplayer setting, with more details to come later this year.

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