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  • Blacktail – A Witch’s Fate Review

    Blacktail – A Witch’s Fate Review

    Blacktail is a unique survival shooter game set in a surreal fairytale world. Players take on the role of Yaga, a young witch searching for her missing sister, and must engage in survival elements such as hunting and gathering resources. The game features a morality meter and a disembodied voice that add depth to the gameplay, and the rich mythology and imaginative world will keep players engaged. Although the combat and traversal may be frustrating for some players, the game’s engaging story and immersive world make it a captivating and memorable experience.

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  • River City Girls 2 Review

    River City Girls 2 Review

    River City Girls 2 is a fun and entertaining beat-em-up game with a variety of characters and gameplay options. The game’s combat system is easy to pick up, with simple inputs allowing players to cycle through a range of moves. The writing is also sharp and humorous, with plenty of one-liners and banter between the characters. While the early game may feel somewhat shallow and the final hours can become tedious, River City Girls 2 is a solid follow-up to the first game and is sure to be enjoyed by fans of the series and beat-em-up genre.

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  • High on Life Review

    High on Life Review

    High on Life is an absurd shooter with a silly setting, outrageous humor, and unique gameplay elements. While the combat can be sloppy and the game has an unpolished feel, it improves as players unlock new abilities and features. Despite its flaws, the game is worth playing for its memorable boss fights, exploration, and large number of terrible movies to watch.

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