Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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Moon Studios follow up instalment starts right where the Ori and the blind forest left off.  The world is twice larger, story narration still has that distinctiveness taking you through a graceful adventure of hope, loss and redemption. 

This time the story unfolds in a different forest, which has multiple environments where you can zip around, deep-dive in the waters, push up through the sands. Adding smooth animation and pleasing sound effect and music to it makes the adventure more fun. 

You will come around many powerful antagonists. Boss battles are intriguing and when you defeat them there is a sense of achievement. Be sure to keep upgrading the skill trees or else sometimes it gets frustrating. 

The bittersweet storyline of the game show you other side of the evil. Cutscenes and perfectly placed and beautifully narrated. There are iconic moments throughout the game, but that one shot when the climax unfolds and the chief antagonist flys though will stuck your mind.

Talking about the limitations there is inconsistent save system. Boss battles don’t have checkpoints. Skill tree mechanics have many from the older game. Play hour is about 10 hours which can go up to 14 hours if you don’t have the proper skillset which is not generally liked by the Indie Gamers.

This Metroidvania has something special to offer in aspects of the game. If you have played the previous instalment be sure sure to check this one out aswell. And if not I recommend you to go back and start playing from where it all began.

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